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“Russian Grip on EU Nuclear Power” – updated study

An update of Patricia Lorenz’s study “Russian Grip on EU Nuclear Power” was commissioned by the Viennese Environmental Ombudsman and “Cities for a Nuclear Free Europe” (CNFE). The study analyses the European nuclear sector’s dependency on Russia. In particular, it also analyses possible EU strategies to reduce this dependency. The EU has not come any…

Tricastin-1 got life-time extension license without EIA

On 10.08.2023, the French regulator ASN’s decision on the lifetime extension of Tricastin-1, which had been taken already on 29.06.2023, was announced – and this without a transboundary EIA. This is in violation of the Espoo “Guidance on the applicability of the Convention to the lifetime extension of nuclear power plants”.

Plans for nuclear newbuild and life-time extension in France without adequate participation

In France, the public debate on new reactors has started, namely on two reactors in Penly in Normandy. In cooperation with the NGO RECH (Réaction en Chaîne Humaine) and Nuclear Transparency Watch, we drafted a letter to the responsible French authorities and EC to demand adequate participation in the form of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)…

Joint Project Webinar: The EPR – the future of nuclear expansion or rather a failed technology?

Taxonomy including nuclear, electricity prices soon to make new nuclear economic and the industry claiming nuclear plants are ready to battle the climate crisis shows a need for reorientation of antinuclear campaigns. Therefore we want to discuss one of the three currently available NPP designs – the EPR. Well-known independent experts explained what the safety…