Participation in the ENSREG Topical Peer Review II on Fire Protection


The Joint Project participates in this second Topical Peer Review II because fire protection is very important for nuclear safety.

This Topical Peer Review (TPR) is now in the next step: Countries had to submit their national reports, and these have been open for consultation. The Joint Project commissioned expert Oda Becker to check the national reports of Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland for open questions – and she found a lot. We submitted those in Feb 2024 during the second consultation at the ENSREG website.

A first consultation was open until 27 May 2022 on the Terms of Reference, the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and the Draft WENRA Technical Specifications. Together with the expert Oda Becker we submitted a long list of questions and comments on the Technical Specifications. Concerning public participation we recommended to conduct an additional stakeholder meeting in the middle of the TPR to inform and discuss interim results, and to establish a Focus Group throughout the procedure where NGOs are included. Furthermore we argued for non-technical summaries of the reports and for additional translation of reports in the countries’ languages.

ENSREG answered our comment and explained if changes resulted for the Terms of Reference and the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. Find the answers of ENSREG on the Stakeholder Engagement Plan here and on the technical aspects here.