Joint Project Webinar: The EPR – the future of nuclear expansion or rather a failed technology?


Taxonomy including nuclear, electricity prices soon to make new nuclear economic and the industry claiming nuclear plants are ready to battle the climate crisis shows a need for reorientation of antinuclear campaigns. Therefore we want to discuss one of the three currently available NPP designs – the EPR.
Well-known independent experts explained what the safety issue discovered in the French reactor fleet and the EPRs in France and China mean for the entire industry. The EPR design deficiencies have not been solved, however, new models are under way: the so-called EPR 2 was announced as featuring simpler safety features and the downscaling of a custom-made 1200-EPR for Dukovany is presented as a done deal.

The speakers:

  • Yves Marignac: expert on nuclear and energy issues with Association négaWatt, France, closely following safety issues in France
  • Oda Becker: Independent consultant, Germany, is an expert in assessing nuclear safety and security
  • Patricia Lorenz: Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe

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Presentation of Yves Marignac

Presentation of Oda Becker

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