Joint Project Webinar: EIA on NPP lifetime extension: How to make use of the new rules for your campaigning


The Joint Project was preparing this webinar to provide support for NGOs and the public to initiate and join an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure for the life-time extension of nuclear power plants (LTE) now that the Espoo Guidance has been decided.

In the webinar, about 20 participants from 13 countries took part.


  • Chair: Patricia Lorenz, FoEE/GLOBAL 2000: Introduction on strategic value of EIA LTE, ongoing EIA Krsko LTE
  • Priska Lueger, Environmental legal expert with ÖKOBÜRO and Justice & Environment: Legal Tools for Public Participation in LTE Processes
  • Martin Giersch, Federal Ministry for Climate Action: Lifetime Extension of Nuclear Power Plants: Technical Background for the Applicability of the Espoo Convention
  • Jan Haverkamp, Senior Expert with Greenpeace und WISE: Two cases how to use EIA procedures in practice – Borssele (Netherlands) and Tricastin (France)
  • Gabriele Mraz, Austrian Institute of Ecology: NPP Lifetime Extension: Examples for transboundary Environmental Impact Assessments (Ukrainian NPP and Loviisa 1&2/Finland)
  • Discussion


Recording and report

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