Briefing Paper on Dukovany


The Czech Government and the Czech majority state-owned energy company ČEZ have undertaken several steps incl. state aid proposal advancing the preparation of the construction of one (or two) new nuclear unit of up to 1200 MW at the area of the current nuclear power plant Dukovany. The Czech state intends to provide up to a 100% loan to ČEZ for the new reactor and also will guarantee the purchase of electricity for above-market price for up to 60 year and other benefits. A new law about the above described state aid was approved in 2021. The new coalition government writes in the coalition agreement: “We support the construction of a new nuclear unit in Dukovany on the condition that it they will not build by Russian or Chinese companies.” A tender is expected to be launched in 2022. The new government also intends to reopen preparation of two new nuclear units at the site of Temelin nuclear power plant.

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