Environmental Impact Assessment on the life-time extension of Loviisa 1&2, Finland


NPP Loviisa consists of two units, Loviisa 1 and 2. Loviisa 1 started commercial operation in 1977 and Loviisa 2 in 1980. The NPP is owned by Fortum Power and Heat Oy. The current operating licence issued by the Finnish government is valid until the end of 2027 and 2030, respectively. Fortum wants to extend the life-time for approximately 20 years.

In the EIA Report, two main alternatives are assessed: life-time extension or direct start of decommissioning.

Statements can be submitted in the transboundary EIA procedure, more information can be found here.

For final disposal of the high radioactive waste resulting from operation and possible lifetime extension of Loviisa 1&2 the Finish authorities are knowingly presenting an unproven technology which is undergoing criticism. Another significant short coming of this EIA procedure is the lack of alternative solutions to the life-time extension of an old nuclear power plant, which means exposing large areas of Europe to a fully avoidable risk. Therefore we demand the shut-down of Loviisa 1 and 2.

The Joint Project offered a template statement for participation.