Stress tests in Czech Republic

Summary of activities and impressions concerning stress tests

Monika Wittingerova from the NGO “South Bohemian Mothers” summarizes the efforts and impressions on the transparency of the stress tests of the Czech NGOs Calla and South Bohemian Mothers as follows (staus: June 2014):

"The action plans were carried out as part of the stress test procedure, defining a number of measures that should improve the safety levels of the Temelín and Dukovany nuclear power plants. In this context, Czech NGOs South Bohemian Mothers and Calla sent questions concerning the implementation of measures derived from the action plans to the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SONS) and CEZ in December 2013. We have received replies from both institutions with a list of measures. The main part of them should be implemented in the future. The remaining questions is if all of the measures will really be implemented - the involvement of NGOs in monitoring this process will be crucial.

In addition, South Bohemian Mothers and Calla approached the Ministry of Industry and Trade in December 2013: We sent the brochure Stress Tests and Lifetime Extension as well as questions concerning the possibility of extending the lifetime of the Dukovany NPP. The Ministry believes that an extension of the operation of Dukovany is possible and, most importantly, economically advantageous.

Moreover, we sent the brochure Stress Tests and Lifetime Extension and a question about the possibility of extending the lifetime of the Dukovany NPP to political representatives of the Vysočina Region (in which the Dukovany nuclear power plant is located), the chairpersons of the Parliament and the Senate, the chairpersons of Senate Committees, and the former mayor of Dukovany Vítězslav Jonáš in December 2013.
We have only received replies from some of the political representatives approached. All of them agreed in the opinion that the lifetime extension is possible, economically advantageous and desirable, also with respect to the employment situation in the region; some would also welcome the construction of a fifth nuclear unit at Dukovany. In addition, they all believe that nuclear safety is at a high level and an accident like the one at Fukushima cannot happen under any circumstances in Czech Republic. We received an very interesting answer from Senate Chairman Milan Štěch, he said: “It is irresponsible to take cheap advantage of the Fukushima “tsunami” tragedy to provoke panic in Europe, all the more so in the Czech Republic, where the sea simply cannot flood both our nuclear power plants.”
This shows that most of these politicians do not have enough independent information about the stress tests procedure and problems concerning safety of NPP Dukovany but simply believe in what SONS and CEZ publish.”

Activities concerning stress tests

Dec. 2012: Activities concerning action plans

Czech NGOs Calla and South Bohemian Mothers made the following efforts to get information on the action plans of the stress tests:
“We had two meetings with the director of Temelin NPP Mr.Štěpanovský 12.7.2012, 26.11.2012 We have discussed issues concerning the stress tests procedure and safety measurements at Temelin and Dukovany NPP. We have also asked Mr. Štěpanovský to give us the so called Action Plans of Temelin and Dukovany NPP (these plans are the next step after the stress tests procedure, it is a list of measurements which must be done in nuclear power plants to fulfilled the requirements of stress tests procedure). Unfortunately Mr. Štěpanovský said no to our request. Our next step (letter written by Calla) was to ask nuclear regulator (State Office for Nuclear Safety) to give us these Action Plans, but we did not success either.”

March 1, 2012: Conference on Stress Tests

On Thursday, 1 March 2012 in České Budějovice, the Czech NGOs Calla and South Bohemian Mothers organized a conference with the title "Nuclear Power Plant Load Testing: Safety Inspection or Propaganda?"

During the well prepared conference, Dalibor Strasky was able to point out the weaknesses of the stress tests. The event helped not only to understand the set-up of the stress tests, but also the broader situation( nuclear regulation etc.).

February 28, 2012: Round Table on stress tests in Prague

The conference was organized by the State Office of Nuclear Safety and by the Nuclear research Institute in Řež near Prag. Among the speakers was Dana Drábová (head of the SONS). In the auditorium were journalists, students, mayors from towns near Dukovany NPP and representatives from nongovernmental organizations (including Monika Wittingerova from South Bohemian Mothers and Edvard Sequens from Calla). Discussion was about the procedure of stress tests, how they are carried out in Temelin and Dukovany (presented by above mentioned lecturers). The general attitude was that the two NPPs are fully prepared to every "disaster" and that detailed data how each NPP will solve problems with safety will be in so called actions plans. The event is a good example of the stress tests in the Czech Republic: already at this event the regulator arrived at the conclusion that the Czech plants passed the stress tests.

June 27, 2011: Questions to the nuclear regulator on stress tests

On June 27 2011 the Czech NGOs South Bohemian Mothers and Calla asked Czech nuclear regulatory authority SUJB a set of questions concerning the ongoing stress tests. The questions and answers given by SUJB on July 11th including comments to the answers by the mentioned Czech NGOs can be found here (pdf, 43 KB)

Another set of questions was asked to SUJB on Dec. 8th 2011 (see section "Public Participation in Stress Tests") - South Bohemian Mothers and Calla urged to get an answer on Dec. 15th, but no answer has been given until today.

Reports of the nuclear regulator

The Czech national stress test reports are available under: - reports

The comments of the Czech NGOs South Bohemian Mothers and Calla (members of the Joint Project) from Oct. 2011 on the progress report are available here (pdf, 29 KB).

Comments of the Czech NGOs South Bohemian Mohters and Calla on the final report are available here (pdf, 41 KB).

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