Slovakia: Za matku Zem

Mochovce 3/4

A complaint to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee has been made about Mochovce 3/4 by Slovakia (Ref. ACCC/C/2009/41) - On 1 July 2009 Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), Greenpeace Slovakia and International, ZA MATKU ZEM and VIA IURIS, and with the legal support of Oekobuero, submitted a communication to the Committee alleging a failure by Slovakia to comply with its obligations under article 6 of the Convention.

On October 10th 2010 the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee published draft findings regarding the communication ACCC/C/2009/41. The outcome of the findings is that concerning the change in building permits for construction of Strategic Energy, Slovak legislation does not confer the right of the public in a timely and effective way to express themselves. This is in contravention of Article 6, paragraph 4 of the Aarhus Convention.

Detailed information on the Mochovce case regarding Aarhus can be found under:
Legal Expertise on Aarhus case Mochovce Oekobuero [pdf, 112 kb]

Aarhus round table

ZMZ has no information about Aarhus round table meetings in Slovakia, not from the past and for the future.

Slovakia not conform with EU EIA/SEA legislation

EU Commission once again asked Slovakia, to adapt Slovak legislation on EIA and SEA so as to comply with EU law. According to the EU Commission, current legislation on SEA in Slovakia shows quiet some deficiencies.

Based on the recommendation of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik therefore the EU Commission sent a called reasoned opinion to the SR. If Slovakia does not send a satisfactory answer, the issue can be taken to the European Court of Justice.

The EU Commission criticizes the incorrect implementation of the EIA directive 2001/42/EC. This was pointed out for the first time in October 2009 however the Slovak authorities did not achieve any progress on this issue. SR has 2 month from today on to respond.

Source: Slovak daily SME 16 2011-02-17, See also EU Commission Press release

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