PLEX in Romania

Romania's two reactors at the country´s only NPP site Cernavoda were connected to the grid in 1996 and 2007.

The operating lifetime of the reactors is currently 30 years (until 2026/2037).

In September 2017 the state nuclear power corporation SNN decided to refurbish unit 1 from 2026, with detailed plans to be approved in 2021. Phase I of the refurbishment project will include "activities necessary to ensure the operation of unit 1 for a period of 30 years, meaning the extension of the operating hours at nominal power in addition to the 210,000 hours initially estimated by the design." The company noted that the overall cost would be about half that of building a new plant. Refurbishing Candu 6 units in Canada and Korea involves the replacement of all calandria tubes, steam generators and instrumentation and control systems to extend the operating lifetime by at least 25 years. (Source, seen Nov. 2018)

The director of the operator Nuclearelectrica stated in Feb. 2012 that they considered a PLEX procedure for an extension of 20 years for unit 1 in 2023 and for unit 2 in 2030.
(Source, seen 2013)

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