PLEX in Bulgaria

status of this text: May 2013

Status of Kozloduy 5/6

Reactors 5&6:
The units 5&6 of Bulgaria´s NPP Kozloduy, the only reactors still operating in Kozloduy, are currently licensed to 2017 and 2019 (30 years lifetime).

There are plans to extend the operating lifetimes of units 5&6 by 20 to a total of 50 years:

The potential lifetime extension up to 20 years will be examined by a consortium between Russia's Rosenergoatom and France's EDF under a contract signed in April 2012. The results of the study will show whether and for how long the units' operating lives could be extended.

Reactors 1-4:
Originally six reactors were built at the Kozloduy plant. Under commitments made by Bulgaria as part of its accession to the European Union units 1 and 2 were shut down in 2002 and units 3 and 4 were shut down in 2006 (all VVER-440 reactor models).

Jan. 27, 2013: Referendum on nuclear power

Question of the referendum: “Should Bulgaria develop nuclear energy through the construction of a new nuclear power plant?”

The results of the referendum on January 27 are hard to interpret: 61% said
“yes” and 38% “no”. Solely about 1,500,000 went to vote (20.2% of the last
parliamentary elections’ turnout), which is way below the required 4,350,000
to make the vote valid.

One month later, on February 27, the Parliament took a final decision for the end
of the "Belene" project. Since most of the votes at the referendum were positive,
it was decided to extend the life of reactors 5 and 6 and initiate the construction
of a new reactor at the Kozloduy NPP.

A summary of the referendum is available here:

  • Summary on the Bulgarian referendum "Should we develop the nuclear energy sector in the Republic of Bulgaria by the construction of a new nuclear power plant?" (pdf, 34 KB)
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