Aarhus and Nuclear

  • The final reportof the joint meeting on public participation in decision-making in the nuclear domain, held in Luxembourg on 12-13 March 2013 is available under:
  • Aarhus-brochure: The Aarhus Convention in the Nuclear Sector - Experience of the Joint Project Group (pdf, 423 KB)
  • Legal Expertise on Aarhus case Mochovce Oekobuero can be found under:(pdf, 112 KB)
New reactors
  • Summary on the Bulgarian referendum "Should we develop the nuclear energy sector in the Republic of Bulgaria by the construction of a new nuclear power plant?" (pdf, 34 KB)
  • Belene: Report of Belene Summit (pdf, 7 MB)
  • Mochovce: Mochovce factsheet (pdf, 18,27 MB)
  • Bulgaria:
    Presentation Jan Haverkamp: Necessary steps for Bulgaria in accesses to information and public participation in the preparation of radioactive waste policy (pdf, 90 KB)
    Presentation Georgi Gyoshev: State Enterprise “Radioactive Waste” Present and Future Challenges (pdf, 6 MB)
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