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Up-to-date information on the activities of Za matku Zem can be found under: http://www.zmz.sk

Mochovce 3/4

In Slovakia, Za matku Zem is continuously pushing for a new Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for Mochovce NPP 3,4, to stop the on-going construction.

A complaint to the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee has been made about Mochovce 3/4 by Slovakia (Ref. ACCC/C/2009/41) - On 1 July 2009 Global 2000/Friends of the Earth Austria, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), Greenpeace Slovakia and International, ZA MATKU ZEM and VIA IURIS, and with the legal support of Oekobuero, submitted a communication to the Committee alleging a failure by Slovakia to comply with its obligations under article 6 of the Convention.

On October 10th 2010 the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee published draft findings regarding the communication ACCC/C/2009/41. The outcome of the findings is that concerning the change in building permits for construction of Strategic Energy, Slovak legislation does not confer the right of the public in a timely and effective way to express themselves. This is in contravention of Article 6, paragraph 4 of the Aarhus Convention.

Detailed information on the Mochovce case regarding Aarhus can be found under:
Legal Expertise on Aarhus case Mochovce Oekobuero [pdf, 112 kb]

National Nuclear Fund

Za matku Zem also pushes to reform the National Nuclear Fund Law based on the study prepared by Mr. Peter Mihok for ZA MATKU ZEM. ZMZ published and distributed the “Study about the fees necessary to pay into the National nuclear fund”.

The Expert seminar about “Financing the back-end cycle of nuclear energy in Slovakia” was organized by ZA MATKU ZEM, Greenpeace Slovakia, CEPTA and University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica and took place in Bratislava on 24th September 2010. App. 25 people attended the seminar from Ministry of Economy and Environment, National Nuclear Fund, energy experts and NGOs.

Together with Greenpeace Slovakia ZMZ prepared Public comments to the “Government regulation of fees to the National Nuclear Fund to cover the historical deficit”. In one week the public comment was supported by 723 people (500 was necessary to achieve adversarial proceedings in the Ministry of Economy). Adversarial proceedings took place on 27th September 2010. Approximatelly half of the comments have been accepted but the main points have been rejected by the ministry.


ZMZ works on the preparation work on 5th unit in NPP Jaslovské Bohunice.
A media campagin was organized about Communication with the Slovak Government and related ministries about the previous decisions to create a joint company to build new NPP in Jaslovske Bohunice.

Nospecific outcome was achieved.
The only important point is that the new Slovak Government put into the “Government Statement” following quotation: “The Government will support the development of low carbon technologies and energy sources. In the case of nuclear power will place emphasis on the observance of high standards of nuclear safety. The Government will support the construction of new NPP in Jaslovske Bohunice only if private investment will be used for construction with no additional state participation.”

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Expert seminar about “Financing the back-end cycle of nuclear energy in Slovakia

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