Energiaklub - 2011

Up-to-date information on the activities of Energiaklub can be found under: http://www.energiaklub.hu

In Hungary, Energiaklub acts as a watchdog organisation, controlling the activities of the nuclear lobby, the authorities acting on the field of nuclear safety and the nuclear-related activities of the state administration. EK also informs the media and the public on the most important facts and figures, events etc. If necessary, local NGOs and public directly contacted, especially in the regions affected by the activities of nuclear lobby.

The stress-test of Paks

Energiaklub will follow the events concerning the stress-test of the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, by keeping contact with relevant authorities (especially the nuclear regulator Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority), the power plant itself, other stakeholders, and informing the public.

Lifetime extenison of Paks

At the end of 2011 Paks should hand in its application aiming on the renewal of the extension of its operation licence. The target of Energiaklub is to achieve that the lifetime extension will be only implemented with the highest level of safety, with special light to the experiences learned from the Fukushima accident. Achieving the highest possible level of transparency of the process is also among the targets.

New units in Paks

Energiaklub also plans to focus on the issue of planned new units in the Hungarian nuclear power plant. The aim is to force a higher level of transparency, especially with demanding information from relevant ministries and authorities and with court cases if needed.

Quarterly magazine

Energiaklub keeps informed the media, green NGOs and citizens on all relevant issues through a quarterly magazine called 230 and on websites.

Aarhus and nuclear round tables

Energia Klub takes part in the European process of reviewing the 10 years history of the Aarhus Convention in the field of nuclear issues. As a part of this project, Energia Klub takes part in the Hungarian roundtable (in which authorities, ministries, companies, NGOs etc. will participate), and the working group of the roundtable. The tasks of the working group are: preparing the written material for the roundtable events, organising these events etc. The written materials are about the freedom of information and the participation pillars of Aarhus.

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