Up-to-date information on the activities of Calla and South Bohemian Mothers can be found under:

Newsletter on nuclear waste

Calla together with Hnutí DUHA, continued publishing a newsletter on nuclear waste titled NUCLEAR WASTE? NO THANKS! (the magazine is edited and published by Calla; Hnutí DUHA contributes to the contents and mails the magazine out). The two issues per year were mailed mostly to places threatened by the repository development, and to regional politicians.

Email conferences, facebook

Two thematic e-mail conferences will also be used for communication. A facebook page “Atomový stát” has been set up.

Other activities

Photo-Exhibition "Faces of Uranium"

Moreover, Calla organized a tour of the exhibition of Václav Vašků's photographs called "Faces of Uranium" around places threatened by continuing extraction which points out the consequences of uranium mining. More Pictures from the exhibition: www.fotomat.cz/uranium.

Nuclear Energy: problems only and no solutions

Calla published the brochure „Nuclear Energy: problems only and no solutions“. In this brochure you can find information and facts showing that nuclear energy is no clean, safe and cheap source of energy. The brochure in Czech language can be found here: http://www.calla.cz/data/energetika/ostatni/Brozura_Jaderna_energetika_nahled.pdf

Alternative energy strategy „Smart Energy“

Calla in cooperation with Hnutí DUHA is going to prepare a web page and a e-mail newsletter on Smart Energy (www.chytraenergie.info). A lot of public discussion about this topic has taken place, e.g. a discussion with experts from Germany and Czech republic „Germany without nuclear power plants – how about Czech republic?“ was organized in May 2011 in Prague (see photo gallery).

Anti-nuclear newsmagazine

South Bohemian Mothers has been publishing a newspaper for the general
public during the last two years. The newspaper is mainly focused on
general critical information concerning nuclear energetics and plans of CEZ
company to enlarge Temelin nuclear power plant.

The newspaper is distributed into 8 000 households nowadays, 4 times a
year. 2010/2011 2 more issues were published and distributed (the first issue was distributed to 18 000 hoseholds, second issue into 33 000 households).

There has been already lots of positive feedback - active people contact
South Bohemian Mothers after getting the newspaper - they want to
established local public association and they also want to take active part
in the EIA process concerning new nuclear blocks in Temelin.

These activity is planned to go on next year.

Photo gallery

Photo exhibtion "Faces of uranium" Prague, June 2009

Photo exhibtion "Faces of uranium" Hamr, July 2009

Photo exhibtion "Faces of uranium" Ostrov, July 2010

Happening in Boletice (one of the locations in CZ where the spent fuel storage should be built)

Discussion with experts from Germany and Czech republic „Germany without nuclear power plants – how about Czech republic?" Prague, 31st 2011

Antinuclear happening on Kleť in South Bohemia, June 25th 2011

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